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we are mainly to speed up Internet access, the application can hide the user's IP, currently we support UWP, try to verify the needs of users on Windows,MAC, our principle is to enhance the user's Internet experience. Our technical team develops web-accelerated applications that support accelerated streaming/video, listening to music, hand-play, video calling, voice chat, data download, and more.

Our Services

Quality of encryption

Encryption is the key feature of virtual private networks. It makes your online traffic inaccessible to hackers and snoopers so that you can browse in ultimate privacy.

Graphic Design

The process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of photography. The field is considered a subset of communication and communication design...

Business Branding

The only UWP-enabled clients, we will also support Android and IOS client support later....

Surf the web without restrictions

Stream your favorite content and download anonymously. hides your IP address so you can stay private...

App Development

Server background supports SSH encryption to ensure communication security...

Digital Marketing

Support 241 countries worldwide, speeding up users' networkspeeds without speed...

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Speed Indicator

Graphical data shows your current speed and ready to test.

100% Free

You can use it for 1 day free of charge.

Torrent download unlimited

Do not restrict downloads of any website, but please do not download illegally.

Easy to Use

All you need to do is click the connection button to quickly connect on.

Our Team

Theresa W Chavez

Front-end Developer

Emily H Riley

Product Designer

Lewis J Sharp

Lead Designer


$19.99/ Month

  • Up to 1 node
  • Up to 1 country
  • 2gb of storage
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$49.99/ Month

  • Up to 5 node
  • Up to 5 country
  • 40gb of storage
  • 5x24 Support
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$89.99/ Month

  • unlimited node
  • Unlimited country
  • Unlimited of storage
  • Real-time Service
  • 24x7 Support
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